Friday, January 18, 2008

The New Semester

I know that this is our first posting to our blog.  I'm just about ready to start a new semester.  In fact I just got finished with a one week J-term that has made each day to be extremely long with work at UPS afterwards.  I am excited about the new semester, but I know that it will be the hardest yet with 12 hrs. of classes with a lot of writing and reading.  I bought 2 of my 20 books today as well because as of right now that is all that the budget can fit.  Kristina and I are trying to get on the Dave Ramsey plan, but starting and getting on a budget is hard.  Kristina is still working hard at BMW, amidst all of the turmoil and manager changes.  She is a great girl and works hard everyday so that I can get through school.  Sometimes it feels that way, "Just getting through."  I catch myself saying to myself,  "If I can just make it through I will be ok."  This new semester I know that I will be telling myself these things all over again.  I know that this is short, but I hope that we can use this to communicate with our friends and family what is happening with us.  Later...

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